Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well, folks... there was sun and lots of it today! Cortlyn got to play in her kiddie pool in the backyard. She enjoys splashing around in the pool in the backyard. We have the big umbrella up to shade her though, since the sun is SOOO bright here!

For lunch today, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Cortlyn had a good time and was amazed at all the TV's to watch her beloved football on! She started to get restless after we ate and while we were waiting on the check, so we went to the small little game room. I sat her in the car racing video game, and she was having fun pushing the flashing buttons and steering. Corey has a picture of this on his phone... we'll have to get it loaded on here for you later!

Yesterday, Cortlyn and I went to Mobile to go to a friend's baby shower. Cortlyn proved again that she is not a fan of car rides. I had a passenger seat full of toys, snacks and books to help keep her entertained. Didn't help at certain points. I hate to hear her crying in the backseat, but I also know that car rides are a fact of life, so she will have to get used to them at some point. I'm going to start looking for a DVD player that you can strap to the headrest. I hate to have to use that in the car, but I also, think our sanity is going to need a break of some sort when we do try and come home! She did however fall asleep within 5 minutes of getting back in the car to come home... but it was a short nap of only 20 minutes. SIGH... It was great however to see Constance and help shower her expected baby boy with lots of cute clothes and diapers! Cortlyn enjoyed chasing the kitten that belonged to the girl hosting the party, along with Constance's little girl Ella.

I did however win the stupid mom move award last night. :) I put Cortlyn to bed and she was out like a light... well, after about an hour, I heard her chatting. That's VERY odd for Cortlyn, so I left her alone, thinking she'd fall back asleep. Not so much. So, I went to her room and the LIGHT was on! I had accidently turned off her ceiling fan instead of the light! YIKES! She was jumping in her crib and all hiped up. I knew we'd have a fight if I tried to just turn off the light, so I let her get up for a few minutes to see her daddy (since he was at the USM game ALL day long!) and put her to bed about 20 minutes later. She went right back to sleep... but I'll never forget that look on her face. Something like I KNOW I'm awake past my bedtime- woohoo! Sigh... Corey put her to bed tonight and YES the light is OFF!

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