Sunday, September 13, 2009

The beginning... Somewhat

I'm not that talented of a writer, but this blog is more to update friends and family of our live as we're living so far away! It probably won't be all that entertaining... with the exception of the pictures of the CUTEST little girl... in my opinion anyway!

Yesterday was the second football game at USM. We almost didn't go, as the weather was extremely iffy, with a 80% chance of rain. I checked the weather and decided that we could at least go for the tailgating festivities. I'm in love with the tailgating aspect of college football. USM has a tradition that is wonderful. They have what they call an "Eagle Walk" parade about 2 hours before the game. The band marches down through part of the campus and then the football players follow behind them towards the stadium. You should see the little boys that are lined up to give hi-fives to the players as they are walking (in their suits in the 4 million degree heat) to The Rock, as the stadium is referred to. From what we have gathered from the people here, Eagle Walk is something that people come to, even if they aren't going to the game. Parents bring their kids every home game to participate in this tradition.

People start tailgating much earlier in the day. my employer has a tent set up with free food for those of us that go. Last weekend, we had hamburgers and hot dogs. This week, we had Ribeyes. Not Longhorns or Marc's, but free steaks are always appreciated! :) Corey gets to join us for a few minutes between the Eagle Walk and the second parade at the Tailgating. The second parade, is a slightly different route through the campus towards the campus to excite the fans before everyone heads into the stadium for the game to start. Cortlyn and I get to join in this parade. Of course, Cortlyn is being held by another Grad Asst, Callie, her new best friend. We march to the stadium and its just electrifying!

I've always loved football, watching it on TV and high school games, but the excitement of the USM games is just a whole new thrill. Cortlyn has a lot of fun running around. In fact, she got her first scraped knee last night at the game. She didn't cry- she was too busy getting up and running around!

That's all for now... I'll try and make time to update this blog as we go! :)

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