Friday, September 18, 2009

Rain, rain go away

Okay, I hope this loads right! This is my big girl helping mommy load the washer! She is loving helping mommy. We're getting really good about throwing laundry in & putting all the toys up, but somehow she's missing the fact that everything should STAY! She likes to pull things out as fast as she puts them in! Oh well, she IS learning!

She has also learned that her paci is for bedtime only! We've been taking her paci out of her mouth when she gets up and saying "You don't need that!" and throwing it in the crib. Well, the last two mornings, we've said "You don't need that!" and SHE threw the paci in the crib! YEA!! I suppose soon, we'll start weaning the paci at naptime, but geez... its hard to think about that when she goes to bed so well.

I think Noah will be by any minute to pick us up... its been pouring rain here for a week and a half... and I heard tonight that its supposed to keep raining on & off until Monday or Tuesday. Yikes! I hear the rain is making it up there, so I'm sorry, but you guys are looking at several more days of unpredictable showers! Tomorrow we're headed to my old stomping ground Mobile, for a baby shower of a dear friend of mine! It's my first car trip with Cortlyn solo... hopefully she won't fall apart... Typically she is done with the carseat about 2 hours after we leave. But there isn't much in between where we are and where we're going! So... Hopefully, she'll just take a good nap in the car! :)

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