Saturday, October 31, 2009

Butterfly's events!

Cortlyn had many opporunities to wear her Butterfly costume this week... First there was the Zoo Boo (see last post!) and then we went to the Oak Grove Elementary School's Fall Festival. When we arrived at the school, I let Cortlyn run in the field behind the school, while I got the stroller and things out of the car... she thoroughly enjoyed the chance to run in the wide open field!

While at the festival, Cortlyn also had fun in the bouncy house! She would barely get stood up, when she'd get knocked down again! The girls in the house with her, were so sweet and helpful, but of course, their bouncing was knocking her over. She didn't mind though! Cortlyn was smiling and squealing the whole time, and was NOT happy when Mommy crawled in to get her out!
Cortlyn got to play a few games, although, she had a hard time understanding what the games were at times...
On Saturday, our friend Julie invited us to her friend's house to go trick or treating in their neighborhood. Cortlyn enjoyed all the new children and toys. She played very well with them!
We decided that we needed the kid leash for Cortlyn though... she didn't want to hold our hand while we were walking around... but she's nearly 30 pounds!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Zoo Boo!

Tonight, we joined Cortlyn's Sitter Nita and her daughter Alyssa, sister Amy and niece Emma at the Zoo Boo! It was the first time we got to try out the Butterfly outfit I came up with for Cortlyn! My friend back home Michael Ann, made the tu-tu and I've had the wings for a while!

We finally have a picture of Cortlyn's Sitter!! This is Nita!
Cortlyn LOVES Alyssa! They get along very well!
This was while we were waiting for the train to take us on a little trip around the zoo. It was dark and all the animals were put up for the evening, so there aren't any pictures from the ride.
Cortlyn enjoyed the Carousel ride!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

USM Homecoming!

Today was Homecoming for USM! Cortlyn had a VERY long day, and did pretty well, even if she refused to take a morning nap. She is now FAST asleep!

At lunchtime, USM has a homecoming parade... so, we headed towards the campus and waited for it to begin! Momma was smart and packed up a picnic...

Cortlyn enjoyed the bands and floats and was amazed that they kept throwing things to her. She got fast about grabbing the candy... Mommy & Daddy are VERY happy she caught so much candy! :)
Cortlyn and Alyssa (her sitter's daughter)

After the parade, we head home for a much needed nap and when Cortlyn woke up, we went back to the campus for the tailgating festivities! Of course, we had to have an outfit change!
Cortlyn eating some Catfish at the tailgating
The family with Seymore... the mascot for USM
Cortlyn enjoyed exploring new parts of the statium... Including climbing the stairs and finding the glass wall that is in front of the band members in the stands. That was amazing to her.
We had a wonderful yet tiring day... and momma is now going to go to bed!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Cortlyn GO!

The good thing about having a wide open living space, is that it gives Cortlyn and her daddy plenty of room to race!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The great Push-Up

Tonight was a GREAT night! Why? Because while we were inside our little duplex just hanging out, Momma heard the music of what can only belong to every child's most desired vehicle... THE ICE CREAM TRUCK! We rushed around trying to get somewhat decent (its been an afternoon in pajama's, okay?) and trying to find some cash laying around. We ran outside and up the the window and Cortlyn got her very first Push-up with rainbow sherbet!
Figuring out how it worked...
Good thing we hadn't had a bath yet!
Daddy was worried that the girl would have a sugar rush, but all is well, Cortlyn enjoyed her Push-up and mommy has an ice cream bar in the freezer for later (daddy's still isn't100%... no ice cream for him).

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Not MEANING to not post...

We returned from our whirlwind trip home... This is my FAVORITE picture of the girl at Jaemor's Farms.
Since we saw most of our family during our trip home last weekend, we just haven't done anything terribly exciting since then! Corey got sick, I've been working... just kinda normal stuff. Cortlyn still continues to say new words. Tonight she said "sock" as I was putting a pair on her little feet. I love to watch her learn every day!

It has gotten COLD in Southern Mississippi! I'm sure all of you that know me, understand that when I say cold, I mean, it was in the 50's today! BRR!!!! I resisted the temptation to turn on the heat in the house though- SOMEBODY ought to be proud of me! Its been pretty warm until this week here in Mississippi, and last week before I packed to leave on the trip I wanted to try some of Cortlyn's pants on her. She had not worn pants since early spring I'm sure. Well, she was so adorable grabbing the bottoms of her pants and trying to pull them up to her knees and when she walked around she sort of kicked her foot. Poor kid!

Apparently Cortlyn also thinks she's a big kid. She was eating a WHOLE apple at her sitters on Friday. Not pieces cut up. No, Cortlyn saw the other kids eating the whole apple, and so SHE wanted to eat the whole apple. She did great according to Nita (the Sitter) and Corey.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Tonight was a friend of Corey's birthday party. We packed up and headed to the Japanese Steakhouse...

Look at this face? Seriously? Too cute!
Waiting for the food...
Cortlyn was QUITE amazed with the dinner show...
See... she barely moved!
Until there was food on her plate!!!! :)
We had a wonderful time celebrating Heather's birthday. It was Daddy's visit experience with Hibachi as well, so we had a wonderful night. Corey ALMOST caught some rice in his mouth! The cook we had was very entertaining... he even tried to get Cortlyn involved in the meal. She did great until she was finished eating. She has little patience for the whole "paying the bill." When she's done eating, she is ready to get down and play!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Art-LESS Walk

Last Saturday, we went to the ArtWalk... which was missing most of the ART! It had rained earlier in the day... But we still had a good time walking around at the few things that were there and exploring what downtown H'burg has to offer. Which isn't a whole lot, other than a great looking tiny whole-in-the-wall greasy spoon and a brick oven pizza place that looks yummy.

We took peanut butter samwich for the Cort Cort. She enjoyed her dinner and ride. (It looks so dark... but it wasn't really even all that late! I think it was the flash.)

Cortlyn thoroughly enjoyed getting her groove on to the steel drum band...

We met her sitter at the art walk... her daughter decided she didn't want to be in the stroller anymore, so Cortlyn decided THAT was the stroller she wanted to be in.