Monday, September 14, 2009

Cortlyn's way of doing things...

So, Cortlyn has her own way of getting things done. It amazes me to watch her figure out how she's going to accomplish something...

Example Number One:
Cortlyn doesn't like to cross the threshold of the doorway. She loves to go outside or go "bye-bye." BUT... open the door and ask her to walk outside? She stops. Either you pick her up over the threshold or she does this:
Now, if you can see... its all of an inch. But goodness, you'd think we were asking her to cross the ocean!

Example Number Two:
Cortlyn will repeat 1, 2, 3 if you ask her to. So, we've been working on a, b, c. Well, she has the "a" down pat! What comes after "a"? "BA!" Literally she says a, BA! It's adorable... although, we are still working on her saying B!

Example Number Three:
I love this one. This shows that she truly is a woman...
Nobody has to tell her, she just knows! Daddy's wallet is ALWAYS open for her! heehee. Her other love is credit cards... but we have some old giftcards that she's happy to play with in her purse.

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