Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Love you TOO, Momma!

I have decided that having a little person running around my house is a lesson in English at all times. Cortlyn has her own little language, sprinkled in with actual words. Lately, her favorite word is "too." She is using it in the right context so its amazing that she's catching on to the meanings of words. In the morning this is how a conversation will most likely go:

"I wake! Daddy wake TOOOO!"
"I wake! Peyton wake TOOOO!"
"Barbie wake! I wake TOOOO!"

You can tell she is super proud of using this word correctly, by the way she drags it out! Of course, there are dozens of other words she uses correctly, but this word isn't something I can point to on a flashcard to explain. So, I think she's a genius, don't you?

We had Cortlyn's birthday party this past Saturday, but I can't upload pictures here at work to blogspot for some reason. She had a blast. I'd hate to write a blog about her birthday without pictues! :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Living by the seat of our pants!

Well, last night, Corey looks at me and says "What do you want to do for Mother's Day?" I thought about it for a minute and said "Why don't we go to the beach?" With the oil spill in the Gulf, the time to go enjoy the beach could be significantly shortened this summer. So, why not? We're close to the beach- lets do it!

Cortlyn LOVED the beach. When we told her this morning we were going, she got so excited! She was ready to be there!! We put in the Car-Ride-Helper (That good old Mary Poppins!) and headed to Pensacola. We have been there before so we knew what to expect as far as the parking/showering. It made the most sense to go with what we know!

Enjoy the picture overload!!!