Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's official!

It's official! I have passed my Illinois State Cosmetology boards! Now, all I have to do is file to get a license and find a job. I passed with a 92, and you have to make at least a 75. The test was hard in a lot of ways, because it was NOTHING like the tests that I took as a student. In school our tests were very vocabulary driven and you had to know all these technical terms. The test hardly had any technical terms and I felt like the test was pretty much common sense. The questions read more like something that comes up everyday rather than a hard vocabulary test. But luckily, since I knew my vocabulary, the test came somewhat easily to me.

Sadly, I thought I had a job lined up with a national salon company, but I found out yesterday that the salon would be closing in February. The salon manager was very nice and sad that she had recruited me only to end up unable to hire me because of something out of her control. However, I know that one door closing, just means that God clearly has something else in mind for me. I will figure out my employment status soon enough.

Good news though, I can still do hair on my own anytime I want! And now that I'm licensed, I can charge! LOL I'll still probably just ask for my friends to give what they can. Over the holiday break, I was able to do a few hair cuts as well as create the perfect ombre for my niece! It's so much fun creating a new look for someone.

Of course, if I could just move to Orlando and work at one of the Spas or even the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutiques, that would be wonderful. A friend suggested that I do princess makeover parties for kids- and you know, I could do that! LOL If I was in a more urban area, I might look into it, but I'm afraid this rural life wouldn't make that a good long term goal. We shall see though! I might look into it just to do for friends.

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