Saturday, July 17, 2010

Water Fun

This week was Cortlyn's first swim lessons! The child loves the water, so we thought we better stay ahead of the game and get her in some lessons!

We are in a Mommy and me class and there are two other mommy and daughters. Cortlyn has done great this week. We have worked on floating, kicking and jumping in the water. Cortlyn was ahead of the game as far as jumping in and going under water. The other little girls don't like to get their face wet- but not Cortlyn! If you have ever been with us when we are near water, then you know how much fun Cortlyn has going under the water! She jumps in without hesitation... but more on that in a minute.

Cortlyn's weakness in the lessons this week had been floating on her back. She did NOT like that at all. Which I understand. I remember when I was little and trying to learn to float on my back. Its hard to believe that keeping your head back will make you float better- I mean you can't SEE anything that way! Cortlyn did finally get the hang of it, and I barely had to hold her booty or head... yay! Kicking has been pretty decent, sometimes she's really into it and sometimes she's not so much.

On Thursday, we were waiting for the instructor to tell us to get in the water so we could start the lessons. Cortlyn was standing RIGHT next to me and kept asking to get in the water. Then, all of a sudden, I heard a splash- yup. Cortlyn had jumped into the water by herself. I was so scared, but calmly jumped in and grabbed her. She came to the surface smiling and I had to get on to her. I had a hard time with that. It was really the first time that I was happy she was okay, yet knew I had to discipline her for her action. We got out of the water and I told her how sad (an emotion I know that she understands) and scared (one that I don't think we've quite gotten down yet) Mommy was when Cortlyn jumped into the water by herself. I told her that she is NEVER allowed to jump into the water unless Mommy is there to catch her. I also made her sit in time out, against the wall near the pool while the instructor started the lesson. I only did this for a minute- I AM paying for these lessons after all! Anyway, she told me and the instructor that she was sorry and she was very good for the rest of the lesson. Hopefully this will teach her to be more cautious around the water now!

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