Friday, April 22, 2016

Can you do research?

One of my pet peeves are those that just like to share things on Facebook or Twitter without knowing the information is coming from a trusted source or doing ANY research.

Can I just say... it takes literally two seconds to do a Google search. Try it. It's kinda amazing how it works.
Google screenshot

I have a wide variety of friends due to many factors. I have lived in many states and I'm fairly friendly person. While I was raised in a fairly conservative "Christian" home and I took time in my life to attend an intense 2 years in Ministry Training, so I have a lot of friends along those lines. However, because I've always been outgoing, I have gained friends from very different backgrounds and beliefs. So, I see it from both sides. I see people bashing the liberals and what they feel is immoral or unChristian-like.  Then, a few lines later, I will see a friend on the other side posting things that make Christians or rightwing people like idiots. Either posts make me crazy. Because they aren't helpful. 

Yes. Some are funny and cute. 

But then you get posts that are just completely untrue- yet people share them with conviction. 

So, I just ask friends everywhere. Please. When you see something that upsets you or even something that you agree with- make sure it's at least TRUE. Snopes or FactCheck- heck. Even Wikipedia will give you some information. 

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