Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Life is not a box of chocolates...

I wish that life was a box of chocolates... or a bowl of cherries... both of those things imply that it's full of sweetness and goodness with a moderate amount of the unexpected. But sometimes, life throws a nasty curveball at you. And you are left completely shocked. It's bitter and sour. It's not chocolate and it's sure not cherries. It's just life.

It wasn't suppose to be like that.

It just wasn't.

This wasn't the plan. 

That's exactly where I am right now. Life is NOT what I expected. It's not full of new and exciting things like it was just a month ago... the excitement has turned to fear. Just as I was getting comfortable, too. Isn't that the way it goes?? You think I'm finally there! I finally figured out this whole "adulting" thing and maybe it's not so bad after all. 

I know at some point, life will reveal why at this time we have had to walk through this at this time. It sure feels like I'm alone, but then at the same time, I have had an amazing amount of people who have rallied behind us. The people who call to simply say "I'm thinking of you" or send an encouraging text.  

I am grateful for my faith, because there is just NO way I could deal with this depression and anxiety without some sort of faith in God. Even if I'm struggling to understand his will and the next step, I have been covered in his grace and mercy every step of the way. I know that at some point he will turn these ashes into something beautiful. 

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