Tuesday, July 28, 2015

If a couple buys a house...

The children's book "If you give a Mouse a Cookie" is probably one of my favorite stories to read. Because it's just so darn true. You rarely can just do one small thing without it snowballing. Not that it's a bad thing- but it just shows you that one small action can lead to more and more. 

For me, this was never more evident than when we decided to buy a house. I mean seriously. The whole storyline works VERY well with this adult context added:

If a couple buys a house, 
then they are going to want some furniture.  

And if they want some furniture,
They will probably want a lamp. 

And if you give a family a lamp, 
then are going to want a place to sit. 

And if the wife sits down, 
she may notice the walls need to be painted. 

She will start to question all of the lighting options. 

And she will want some pictures on the wall to look at. 

And if you paint the walls, 
the wife will realize she needs an area rug. 

And when you get to Home Depot to buy a rug, 
the husband will need a grill cover for the new grill that he bought.

And if buy a grill and cover, 
then the couple will have to invite friends over... who are also buying a house. 

Thanks to my good friends Merry, Jenny and Shayna for contributing to this blogpost. And be sure to check out Shayna's blog, Faith, Trust, & Disney Dust! She's a CASTMEMBER at the Walt Disney World Resort, working at Disney's Hollywood Studios Park. 

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