Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wine & Paint

I have wanted to a wine and paint party for SUCH a long time. When my friend Sarah shared a photo on Facebook from The Art Party Studio I knew I had to sign up!

I was super excited to get to the studio and make my ballerina! When we came in, each place had a canvas with the top penciled in, a plate with the paint, 2 brushes, a large cup of water and one paper towel. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I don't like my food to touch on a plate- so you can imagine my surprise and sadness when they literally refused to give a second plate to mix colors. I thought it was a really odd thing to be a stickler about- but if I go back to this studio, I'm seriously bringing in my own paper plate. I'm sure others will think that this isn't a big deal, but it really bothered me. 

We painted  background. My color turned out a bit more purple than the instructor's, but that's okay, I liked the color. 

But then she had us cover with a blue. This is where I started kinda going on my own. I decided I did NOT want to cover up all my pretty purple and in fact, I think I wanted more pink at the bottom.

 She had us add a green color to the top and that made me pout some more. I instantly didn't like the green. What can I say, I'm an individualist. Haha. I blended it in as well as I could and moved on... 

We got to the FUN part! We started the skirt. I had SO much fun with this! I made my skirt VERY full and created lots of layers! We also, went in and painted the top part white- this took several layers to cover up where I had crossed my pencil lines- the instructor had said that wasn't a problem... but I felt like I had to do quite a bit of painting to really cover those lines.

We then added in some blue to the skirt and made swirlies around the waist and were the flowers would eventually go with the icy blue that we created. As I put in the blue, I realized... I didn't like that too much, so I added some pink to my skirt. With this hanging in my daughters' bedroom, I knew they would want it to be more pink than blue! 

 After the blue swirlies we made small swirls with a light green. 

After the green, we did a brown in the middle of the green. I trusted the instructor this time, but I didn't like it. I knew we were layering, so it worked out well in the end. 

On top of the brown, we placed the white, yay we covered that yucky brown. It did add the dimension needed, so I guess it wasn't a bad thing. 

At this point, we mixed just a little pink in with my white and going back over the white. We also added some random white lines in around the flowers coming up off of the skirt. I added a few more last minute pink spots to my skirt and I was done! 

We had SUCH a good time. Even if I'm a rebel and totally changed up some of the things the instructor wanted us to do just made my painting better in my opinion! I'm super glad I finally got to go and this painting is hanging in my daughters' play room. They LOVE how it turned out! 

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