Friday, July 5, 2013

This post that decided to write itself…

Yeah, I got lost in the last few years… I started this blog with the intentions of writing about my boring little life for my family and friends while I was away from my beloved home state. Except, then my family stopped being what I expected it to be, and I made the healthy choice and removed them from my life. Things after that were GREAT, but I stopped blogging, because I didn't want them to have access to my boring little life anymore. Somethings have changed over the past year, so while I still do not want some of my family to be in my life, I'm going to blog. For me. And if you read this, well, then great.

If you are reading this (which, um… yeah….), I want you to know that just because you are related to someone by blood, that doesn't give them the right to mistreat you or undermine you. Sometimes people change and sometimes they don't. You have my permission (because clearly, you were waiting on it) to stop inviting people you don't want around into your life. Congratulations.

I also want you to know that if someone trusts you with something BIG then respect that arrangement and guard it with your life. They selected YOU to hand information and decisions to about a part of their lives. Honor that.

I am honored to be married to a band director… and my girls (yes, two- in case you didn't know) love being in the band environment on a regular basis. The littlest one may not be able to sit through a concert yet, but she already has an appreciation for the music.

And my girls… they are the LIGHT of my life. But sometimes, I just want to make it until bedtime so I can crash. Except I often end up being WIDE awake and unable to fall asleep… like right now! Oh well. It will be fine and I'll sleep when I'm old.

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