Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ready for some Football!

So, we are gearing up for another GREAT year of Southern Miss Golden Eagles Football! Woohoo! This year, Cortlyn and I are officially members of the PRIDE of Mississippi Marching Band. Doesn't she look professional? Well, defiantly look cute, right?

I really do enjoy the football season! And I'm sure that this season will be just as great as last year. Corey is having a great year with the GA's so far and things are running so smoothly. We are on the downhill slide of this DMA thing. Hopefully, we will be settling in back in the Atlanta area in a year??? Who knows. The fact is, we are open to going where God opens the door. We're hearing good things about openings across the country, so as always, we will be praying and keeping a good eye on the ATL.

My work is going really well, and in fact, I'm starting to work in a different department with more responsibility this week. I'm very excited after talking to the director of my dept. I am grateful for a job and training in the medical field. I really have enjoyed working in Nephrology, but I'm looking forward to a more challenging department.

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is the cutest picture ever!