Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cortlyn turns two...

Cortlyn's birthday party was a small affair this year. We figured that at two, she wouldn't remember the party, but wanted to celebrate it with our friends here in Hattiesburg. But apparently, most of the people IN Hattiesburg had plans for May 22nd, but that's okay. We enjoyed the small turn out.
Cortlyn's best friend is Stella. Stella is just a month older than Cort, but she's a little smaller than Cort. Stella's mom & I work together and we are always getting the girls together, and the really love each other. As you can see, they were happy to see each other!

Cortlyn was also joined by Caleb and the kids enjoyed some fruit, Capri sun's & got to decorate their own cupcakes. They had such a fun time with the sprinkles and the cupcakes, I must say tasted SOO good!

Cortlyn enjoyed opening her presents and she got a lot of fun books, puzzles and a special Birthday Barbie from Corey & me.
Cortlyn and Stella had a blast playing with the balloons after the party and one got away... look at how cute they are as they run after the balloon!

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