Saturday, October 17, 2009

Not MEANING to not post...

We returned from our whirlwind trip home... This is my FAVORITE picture of the girl at Jaemor's Farms.
Since we saw most of our family during our trip home last weekend, we just haven't done anything terribly exciting since then! Corey got sick, I've been working... just kinda normal stuff. Cortlyn still continues to say new words. Tonight she said "sock" as I was putting a pair on her little feet. I love to watch her learn every day!

It has gotten COLD in Southern Mississippi! I'm sure all of you that know me, understand that when I say cold, I mean, it was in the 50's today! BRR!!!! I resisted the temptation to turn on the heat in the house though- SOMEBODY ought to be proud of me! Its been pretty warm until this week here in Mississippi, and last week before I packed to leave on the trip I wanted to try some of Cortlyn's pants on her. She had not worn pants since early spring I'm sure. Well, she was so adorable grabbing the bottoms of her pants and trying to pull them up to her knees and when she walked around she sort of kicked her foot. Poor kid!

Apparently Cortlyn also thinks she's a big kid. She was eating a WHOLE apple at her sitters on Friday. Not pieces cut up. No, Cortlyn saw the other kids eating the whole apple, and so SHE wanted to eat the whole apple. She did great according to Nita (the Sitter) and Corey.

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