Saturday, October 31, 2009

Butterfly's events!

Cortlyn had many opporunities to wear her Butterfly costume this week... First there was the Zoo Boo (see last post!) and then we went to the Oak Grove Elementary School's Fall Festival. When we arrived at the school, I let Cortlyn run in the field behind the school, while I got the stroller and things out of the car... she thoroughly enjoyed the chance to run in the wide open field!

While at the festival, Cortlyn also had fun in the bouncy house! She would barely get stood up, when she'd get knocked down again! The girls in the house with her, were so sweet and helpful, but of course, their bouncing was knocking her over. She didn't mind though! Cortlyn was smiling and squealing the whole time, and was NOT happy when Mommy crawled in to get her out!
Cortlyn got to play a few games, although, she had a hard time understanding what the games were at times...
On Saturday, our friend Julie invited us to her friend's house to go trick or treating in their neighborhood. Cortlyn enjoyed all the new children and toys. She played very well with them!
We decided that we needed the kid leash for Cortlyn though... she didn't want to hold our hand while we were walking around... but she's nearly 30 pounds!!!

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