Sunday, November 9, 2014

All that is pinned is NOT real

I started back to school in January and I've learned SO much about haircare. I'm thrilled that I decided to go back to school and follow my dreams! 

I'd like to take a moment- not that it will be widely read or seen, but I think it's important none the less. Whenever you see a beautiful vibrant color that is clearly not natural, there is a chance that what you are looking at isn't real. There are some AMAZING companies out there that can be used to create some great looks (I have personally used Pravana Vivids and Pastels and Scruples Urban Shock- both are great). But sometimes, people create these looks with a few clicks of the mouse. So, make sure when you are researching your next look that your expectations and desires are obtainable!   

So, not saying these looks couldn't be achieved... but... 

Know what you are looking at could be fake! :) 

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