Saturday, April 24, 2010

Adventures in Discipline

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. We've been a little busy and my camera isn't working well (probably thanks to a toddler that wants to try and take pictures herself), so we don't have any pictures to post. But, I know you will enjoy this story from this morning.

Cortlyn had been playing in the cabinets in the kitchen while Corey and I were busy cleaning up the house. She had picked up a stack of lids and thrown them on the floor and then wanted to play with the football. I asked Cortlyn to pick up the lids and put them up before she played with the ball. She said "No way!" which is her new favorite phrase. I asked her again to pick up the lids and the said no way again. So, we took the football away from her and set it on the counter top- out of reach, but where she could see it. she begged for the football, while stepping on the lids that she refused to pick up. We tried everything, and Corey brought out his stadium cushion out that is our naughty spot (Thank you Nanny Jo!) and sat Cortlyn on the cushion. Well... she said "No way! I don't wanna sit there!" and moved 3 inches away from the cushion, right next to it with her arms crossed. So, Corey and I took turns for the next few minutes sitting her back on the cushion with her crying and moving everytime. Finally, I bent down and said "Cortlyn, I want you to pick up the lids on the floor" and her face lit up and she enthusiastically said "Okay!" and rushed to put the lids away. Then, we offered her the football and she shook her head and marched over and happily sat down. On the naughty spot cushion.


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