Thursday, March 18, 2010

So excited!

So, we have begun potty training around here! We are letting Cortlyn guide us, and trying not to push it. She has started asking to sit on the potty, and we are more than willing to let her sit. And Sit. And Sit. Get the picture?

The other morning, she said she needed to sit on the potty. So, Corey took her in her bathroom and TA-DA! She peed on the potty! She was sooo excited! She came running in our bathroom, where I was getting ready for work and said "I peepee!!" and I was sooo excited. Daddy was excited! We put on her big girl training pants and she was so excited- that she peed in them too! Well, we're getting there! She is asking to sit and that's okay with us! We'll get there sooner or later, right?

I have to ask again, for your help with my friends at Homes of Hope! The voting goes on all month long. We have been in first place for over a week and then today, we were down to second place. The group that is in first now came out of NOWHERE! I hadn't even seen them in the top 5 before today. Please share with friends and co-workers, use every email address you have! Currently, I am voting 6 times a day! That's a lot of votes, but I truly believe in this organization and their ministry! They have a heart and passion for what they are doing!

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