Monday, January 11, 2010

Melting for "chalk"

I know... I'm terribly behind in updating the blog. Has it really been over 3 weeks from Christmas? 2010 is already going terribly too fast, and I wish someone would find the slow down button!

We haven't taken too many pictures lately, I know. We're bad parents! We've missed 3 whole weeks of her life at this point. Honestly, our biggest task has been cleaning up after her with all the toys she got spoi- er- blessed with at Christmas. She has enjoyed her activity table and loves when we change out the top of the table for her. There is one small problem that I wasn't prepared for... See, she now understands that she can easily open the bins herself. Oh, and that she can carry said bins. Which means, the contruction bin will end up in the living room and the nursery bin in the kitchen, while the kitchen bin is mixed in with doctor bin on the floor in her bedroom. I thought these bins would be great, but I'm starting to think that MAYBE they should be kept in the closet and brought out one at a time. Oh well, live and learn!

Daddy has been busy prepping for his qualifying exams. He has spent time studying at home and at the office. Its a good thing he has stuck around the house. I mean, how else is Cortlyn going to be able to help him study and show him what he is missing if he's always at the office, right??
Isn't she just adorable sitting there with him? I could really just scoop her up and squeeze her to death!

We have now entered the stage where Cortlyn is getting increasingly more frustrated because she KNOWS what she wants to communicate with us, but her language skills aren't there yet. Its hard, when you can see that she wants something. (I know there is a difference when she is just whining!) Tonight was a prime example. Cortlyn walked into the kitchen, while dinner was cooking, and started fussing. She wasn't hungry (as I had watched her stuff her face with cheerios when I picked her up from her sitter's house!), but she didn't want milk or water to drink. I picked her up, thinking maybe that is all she wanted and when she was in my hands she THEN reached towards the cabinet where the Ovaltine is kept. Sigh. Well, I reached in and got it out and she started clapping and wiggling with excitement. I went ahead and put some in her sippy with her milk and she was happy as a lark. I wish it was always that easy to help her find a way to communicate with me. We worked on saying "chocolate" but it turned out to sound like "chalk." Chalk works for me though.

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