Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow in Hattiesburg???

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So, they had been talking about it on the TV all week... but do you really expect in Southern Mississippi to wake up to this outside your front door??

Cortlyn has a little cough and a runny nose, so I couldn't let her stay out for long, but she has to play in the snow a little right?

Here Daddy is giving her a little snow to see what it looks like, and how cold it is!

This is the view from our back yard... the sky doesn't look real, but I swear it is!

And then, she was done... she had walked in it, touched it, but like her mother... she wanted where the WARM is!!!
And this week we went to the Tree Lighting at USM, the pictures I took came out horrible, so this is really the only one. You can't see the tree and the ornaments very well, but it is a beautiful tree!

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