Monday, November 9, 2009

Exciting month ahead!

So, the ice cream truck stopped by again on Sunday!!! YEA!!!! Although, it was RIGHT at naptime but it was a nice day and I want Mr. Ice Cream Trusk to know we're a good place to stop in the spring! I thought we could just buy the ice cream and then put it in the freezer and she could have it after nap... Wrong! She figured it out and was NOT happy that we were planning on not giving her the Push Pop right then! So... Momma was the pushover this time. I gave her the ice cream. I figured she was going to eat it anyway, better now than around bedtime, right?

Cortlyn sharing with daddy!

Is this the spitting image of her father or what?
In other exciting news, I found a local beauty pageant to put Cortlyn in! It's not a glitzy, makeup and hair piece thing... just a natural little pageant. I promise... Cortlyn will NOT become a pageant kid! I just think she's so adorable!

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